All shook up: Canadian teen sings ‘Blue Christmas’ just like Elvis

Sixteen-year-old David Thibault recently blew away a Canadian radio station crew with his perfectly-Elvis rendition of Blue Christmas. Bonus points: He even kinda looks like the raven-haired King.

CKOI Quebec posted a video of the Quebec teens performance in their studio he sang and played guitar to YouTube on Monday.

Watch the expression of the guy standing next to David when he starts singing with a voice uncannily and scarily like the King of Rock N Roll.

David reportedly competes as an Elvis impersonator so this performance, really, was no stretch. (He sounds so much like Elvis that some people doubt that the singing is really him.)

The video has been seen more than 782,000 times already. Commenters generally love it.

I am blown away.

I just witnessed magic.

Is this Canadas apology for creating Justin (Bieber)?

Our favorite comments:

Awww... Kid didn't say... Thank you, thank you very much...

It'd be more like Merci, merci beaucoup.