Westar Energy warns customers about telephone scam

Westar Energy is warning customers to watch out for telephone scammers masquerading as utility employees and primarily targeting Spanish-speaking customers.

The callers claim to be customer-service representatives for the company and are prompting customers to give up personal information such as credit card numbers, spokeswoman Erin La Row said in a statement.

The scammers usually claim that a customer’s bill is past due or that a check has bounced. They also have told some customers that their meter is defective and their house could catch fire. Then they claim there is a repair fee and try to sell the customer a pre-paid money card to pay the bogus charge.

Legitimate calls from Westar will show the number


and say “Westar Energy” on the caller ID.

Anyone who receives what they believe to be a suspicious phone call related to Westar should hang up and call the company’s customer service department at the number above.