St. Louis-area lawyer missing since late October

A St. Louis-area lawyer who helped solve a 2008 bombing that nearly killed an attorney is missing.

Friends and authorities say 39-year-old Jeffrey Witt hasn't been seen since late October.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Witt recently lost an almost $1 million legal malpractice case and his law license is in jeopardy.

The Missouri Supreme Court on Monday temporarily suspended Witt's law license, after clients complained they hadn't been able to reach him for weeks and he wasn't showing up for court hearings.

In the 2008 case, Witt told federal investigators that he believed his client, Milton Ohlsen III, had planted a bomb intended to kill a lawyer representing his ex-wife. Instead, the bomb nearly killed a different lawyer. Ohlsen is serving a long prison term.