Johnson County lawyer is found guilty of eavesdropping

A Johnson County lawyer pleaded no contest Wednesday to using an audio device to eavesdrop on his office employees.

A judge found Jeremiah L. Johnson guilty of the misdemeanor charge and sentenced him to 180 days in jail but suspended the sentence as part of Wednesday’s plea agreement.

As part of the plea agreement, Johnson County prosecutors dismissed a second eavesdropping charge.

Johnson, 33, was found guilty of making audio recordings of employees without their consent while he and his law partner were out of the Olathe office.

He initially was charged last year with allegedly using a hidden device to photograph employees without their knowledge.

Three female employees said that they were encouraged to sit at a particular desk in the office and that a camera was placed in a position to photograph their legs and lower torsos, according to a lawsuit they filed.

A confidential settlement was reached in that that suit, which has been dismissed.