Jada Pinkett Smith’s nephew pulls off best football trick play ever (with video)

Excuse the hyperbole, but this is the funniest trick play weve ever seen on a football field. And it was by a high school team in California. And it was an Oscar-worthy performance pulled off by actress Jada Pinkett Smiths nephew.

And we cant stop watching it.

On Friday, El Camino Reals junior varsity team had just started its game against Reseda Cleveland. Heres what happened on the very first play.

Freshman quarterback Jahlil Pinkett took the snap, calmly started walking toward the sideline shouting Coach, wrong ball, then took off running down the sideline past the other team just standing there and scored a touchdown.

Clearly, acting chops run in the Pinkett family.

"We put in some fun plays to keep them interested," El Camino coach Brandon Holmes told the Los Angeles Times.

"Everyone is acting like it's a wrong ball. The center had to hand the ball legally. The team was surprised. No one really reacted until he was 30, 40 yards ahead."

El Camino won, 52-6.

We had the same reaction as the guy who shot this video.