Tanning salon’s Thanksgiving special: ‘Sexy color’ like Native Americans

And you thought Thanksgiving was just about the turkey, huh? Well, one Alabama-based chain of tanning salons is offering “sexy color” like Native Americans.

Club Sun Color Studios, which has salons in Alabama and Florida, ran a Thanksgiving special that quickly raised eyebrows this week.

The ad shows a well-tanned brunette in a Native American costume – check out the feathers in her hair – standing next to a fair-skinned blonde in a Pilgrim dress.

Says the ad: “The Indians brought more than just ‘corn’ to the first Thanksgiving, they brought Sexy 'Color'!"

And look at that – instant, flawless, sunless spray tans start at $7.99!

“As you can see, Sexy Indian is also wearing authentic fringed stilettos, which historians agree is part of the traditional dress of Sexy Indians when they taught Sexy Pilgrims how to tan back in History Days,” wrote Erin Gloria Ryan at


, apparently the first to call a turkey a turkey.

Wednesday night, the ad had seemingly disappeared from both the company’s website and Facebook page.

Club Sun’s marketing director David Arnett posted an apology.

“In response to the recent post from Jezebel.com., the ad I created showing a Native American and Pilgrim in costume was in no way intended to be offensive or racist,” he wrote. “I sincerely apologize if it offended anyone.

“I myself am Native American and I am very proud of my heritage and skin tone. The thought process behind the ad was simply a play on my own sexy 'color'. Again, I apologize for any offense and misunderstanding.”

Can’t wait to see what they do with those Christmas elves.