Bands on the march

After my husband and I got married, our first apartment was delightfully close to Center High School, and many days we awoke to the drumbeat of what’s now called the Mighty Marching Yellowjacket Band.

I love hearing high school bands practicing just after the sun rises. Even today, those oom-pahs and horns contribute to the surge of excitement I feel every fall.

Inside these pages, you will find a comprehensive report from Star staffer Melissa Schupmann on what high school bands are like today. What I found most surprising is the sophistication of the music and the moves, and halftime formations at football games are only a small part of it.

Band members spend hours perfecting their routines for high-level competitions. And until I read Melissa’s story, it never occurred to me that physical conditioning exercises would be part of it.

It’s that kind of detail that we strive to bring to readers of the 816 news magazine.