Local areas lead Missouri, Kansas in deer-car collisions

Fall is the peak time for deer-car collisions, and the Kansas City area ranks at the top in both Kansas and Missouri.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism said Johnson County had the most crashes in that state last year with 304. Statewide, there were nearly 8,695 vehicle accidents involving deer, with two human deaths and 322 injuries.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said that Kansas City and Lee’s Summit led the state in deer collisions in 2011 and that of the nine counties in the department’s Kansas City District, five were in the top 10 for accidents. Statewide, there were 3,980 deer-car collisions last year, with five human deaths and 411 injuries.

This is the time of year that deer focus on mating, and motorists are advised to be prepared for deer to dart across the road, especially between dusk and dawn.

The Shawnee Police Department warns against approaching a wounded deer.

“In addition to a buck’s antlers, all deer have extremely strong legs and sharp hooves, making any contact potentially dangerous for a well-intentioned motorist,” said Shawnee community service officer Phil Smith.