KC police identify man who apparently killed himself during standoff

Kansas City police on Friday identified the man who apparently shot himself to death Tuesday after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and prompting a standoff with officers.

Demarco S. Hines, 40, of Kansas City, refused to talk to officers after his girlfriend reported that he had beaten her and fired a gun near her head. The girlfriend called police about 9:15 a.m. to the home they shared in the 11000 block of Booth Avenue.

According to police reports released Friday, the couple argued when the girlfriend returned home from a casino about 10 p.m. Hines didn’t believe that she had actually gone to a casino. She didn’t usually talk back to Hines, she told police, but this time she did. He reportedly hit her on the leg with a wire hanger eight times. He then went into the garage.

About 11 p.m., she went to bed with their 1-year-old daughter. Two hours later, she said, Hines barged into the room, pointed a gun in her direction and fired. She was not hit, but she could not hear out of her left ear because of the gunshot.

Hines left the room. She stayed in the home overnight because her three children were inside and she was afraid. She called police Tuesday morning after she and her children escaped.

When officers went to the home, Hines would not talk with police, prompting the standoff with tactical officers and negotiators that lasted several hours. Hines reportedly called some friends and relatives to say goodbye. Police later went into the home and found Hines dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.