Two boys are charged with rape at Southwest Early College Campus

A teenage girl was carried and dragged through her Kansas City school in the middle of the day and raped in a small room near the auditorium, according to a police report that led to charges Friday against two classmates.

The 17-year-old girl required medical attention for possible internal injuries.

The classmates, 14- and 15-year-old boys, were charged with first-degree rape and were being held in the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center.

The alleged incident occurred around noon Thursday at the Southwest Early College Campus, 6512 Wornall Road.

According to the girl’s account to police, she repeatedly cried “let me go” as the boys were forcing her through the school. It was not clear if anyone saw or heard what was happening.

Kansas City Public Schools on Friday said only that it is “addressing allegations of misconduct” and is working with authorities.

The alleged victim said she was walking with her girlfriend after lunch when the boys, whom she knew from her second-hour class, called her over to them. She refused and then parted ways with her friend.

The 14-year-old boy allegedly grabbed her around the neck and held her tightly while the 15-year-old allegedly grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her feet off the ground. She said they carried her through a set of doors and walked her up a flight of stairs to a small room where they set her on a desk.

She said she asked, “Can I go?” and said, “Get off me,” but the 15-year-old raped her, according to the police report. She said she kept telling him “it hurts” until she was crying too hard to say more.

She said her attackers asked her “what the deal was” and “what’s wrong?”

The girl said the 14-year-old was standing against the wall laughing as she ran back down the stairs to her girlfriend’s classroom. The girlfriend and a school counselor were unable to get a clear story from her before they all went to police officers stationed at the school.

The girlfriend told police that the alleged victim also had been assaulted two weeks ago but did not report the incident. It is not clear if that assault occurred at school. The student acknowledged she had been assaulted previously and said one of the boys accused of Thursday’s attack had been involved in the earlier incident.

The victim identified the alleged attackers from Thursday’s incident from a class roster.

Police determined that the site of the alleged rape was a small room on the second floor of the south side of the auditorium stage. It was full of desks and is usually locked, police said.