Worlds of Fun to add SteelHawk thrill ride

Worlds of Fun is promising to take thrill-seekers to new heights next year.

The amusement park announced Friday the addition of SteelHawk, which will lift riders to the top of a 301-foot tower, then spin them around eight times in one minute.

The nothing-below-your-chair-but-air ride will make its debut next spring. It will be about 100 feet taller than other up-there Worlds of Fun rides like Rip Cord, Mamba and Detonator, park officials said. The idea is to simulate the feeling of flight.

The ride will feature 32 two-person swings. Riders’ feet will dangle in the air.

SteelHawk is also sure to become, by virtue of its height, another part of the theme park’s skyline. And thanks to a “unique LED light display” on the tower’s arms, park guests — and anyone driving by on Interstate 435 — won’t be able to miss it at night.

The ride is similar to WindSeeker, which can be found at sister parks owned by Cedar Fair. Several opened in 2011. SteelHawk also appears similar to SkyScreamer at Six Flags parks, including the St. Louis location.

SteelHawk will be in the Americana section of Worlds of Fun across from the Patriot roller coaster.

Worlds of Fun remains open this season on weekends, including Labor Day. Halloween Haunt begins Oct. 14 and runs through Oct. 27.