Apple stores could be iPhone trade-in spots


Apple may be planning to introduce an iPhone buyback plan at its retail stores next month to coincide with the release of the latest generation of its best-selling smartphone, according to several reports.

The company is widely expected to release the new versions of its phone and tablet computer at a Sept. 10 event.

USA Today, citing several websites that track Apple, reported Wednesday that the company is preparing a buyback option, where old iPhone could be traded in for the new product. That could potentially shave several hundred dollars off the purchase price.

Along with an operating system upgrade, industry experts have speculated the phone will feature a fingerprint sensor and boosts in camera quality and processor speed. Also, Apple may be introducing a third color option to white and black — gold.

The buyback market for all types of old cell phones has grown in recent years. Several retailers and online merchants offer buyback programs and some wireless companies do as well.

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