Lamar Odom not missing; teammate intervention effort revealed

Contrary to weekend reports, NBA player Lamar Odom, husband of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, is not missing, his agent told ESPN on Monday.

Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, told ESPN.com that his client’s whereabouts are known and that he is safe.

Schwartz would not reveal Odom’s location. But a separate source told ESPN that the free agent forward has been in a Los Angeles hotel room with friends undergoing an intervention for unspecified drug use.

“Lamar is not missing,” Schwartz told ESPN. “His wife knows exactly where he is.”

On Tuesday, Radaronline reported that Odom rejected intervention attempts by former Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers teammates who met with him late Monday in an L.A. hotel room.

The website reports that the talks lasted three hours and that Odom - sweaty, pacing, hands shaking, talking very fast - appeared to be under the influence of something at the time. Radar insists that Odom is addicted to OxyContin, not crack cocaine, as other news outlets have reported. Sources tell Radar that he also abuses the sedative Ambien, widely used to treat insomnia.

“There was a bit of time it appeared that Lamar was going to admit publicly his addition and go to rehab, again,” the source told Radar. “But then, he abruptly bolted from the hotel and left the premises."

Schwartz was also at the intervention and later phoned Odom, begging him to return to the hotel, Radar reported.

Said one source, “One minute Lamar is agreeing that he needs help and 30 minutes later, he says he just needs to be left alone. This is extremely serious, but there is really nothing anyone can do to save Lamar unless he wants to save himself.”

People magazine confirmed on Monday that Odom had been in touch with his wife. "She hasn't made any decisions yet about what to do," a source told People. "Right now she's just leaning towards trying to get him help."

TMZ reported on Sunday that Kardashian had kept her husband’s use of crack cocaine a secret from the rest of the family for the last two years.

Sources told the website that she pressured him to go to rehab last summer, but he left the San Diego facility after three weeks. Odom stayed clean during the past NBA season, but fell back into using when the season ended, TMZ reported.

The Kardashian family reportedly tried their own intervention last week, but Odom refused to go back to rehab.

TMZ reported that Kardashian kicked him out of the house afterward, when the family apparently lost track of him for three days, worrying that he was off on a drug binge.

Both the Clippers, Odom’s team last season, and the Lakers have shown interest in him this summer.

"Playing in the NBA is still very much a part of Lamar's plans," Schwartz said. 

Odom's formerly estranged father told Celebuzz on Monday that he had spoken with his son on Sunday.

“I know where he is at, he's around I told him I want him to resume his basketball career, and this is not a good look. I love my son,” said Joe Odom.