Stason Animal Health moving headquarters to Kansas City area

An animal pharmaceutical company based in Washington state has moved its headquarters to Kansas City, Kan., to take advantage of the area’s burgeoning animal health industry.

The company, Stason Animal Health, which is in the early stage of developing drugs for companion animals, leased space in the Biological & Technology Center on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus.

The headquarters will initially have one employee, its chief executive officer.

Stason chose to move to Kansas City because of “the available resources and personnel for animal health product development, as well as low operating costs and several incentive programs for new companies,” said Diana Wood, the CEO, in a statement.

The move of the company’s headquarters from Vancouver, Wash., was completed earlier this month. It was publicly announced Monday night at the eighth annual KC Animal Health Homecoming dinner.

Stason Animal Health is associated with Stason Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Irvine, Calif., which gives it access to manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of the products it develops.