Reports: NBA player Lamar Odom missing

TMZ is reporting that Los Angeles Clippers forward Lamar Odom, who is married to Khloe Kardashian, has been missing for the last three days.

News of a crisis in the Odom-Kardashian household surfaced on Friday when TMZ reported that Lamar has had a drug problem for the last two years.

A source close to the couple tells People magazine that Khloe has "kept this secret for almost two years trying to save Lamar and their marriage." The source said Khloe only "recently came clean and (her family) has been trying to help since."

Sources told TMZ that Khloe pressured him to go to rehab last summer, but he left the San Diego facility after three weeks. He allegedly stayed clean during the past NBA season, but fell back into using when the season ended, TMZ reports.

The Kardashian family allegedly staged an intervention over the last few days, but Lamar reportedly refused to go back to rehab. TMZ reports that Khloe kicked him out of their house afterward, and now he’s gone missing.

The family hasn’t been able to contact him or find him for the last 72 hours and fear he might be on a crack cocaine binge, says TMZ.

Lamar is known for disappearing and going into hiding in times of crisis, according to former coaches.

Sports Illustrated reports that in 2001, Lamar was suspended twice in eight months for violating the league’s anti-drug policy while playing the first time around for the Clippers.

At the time he admitted to using marijuana and told reporters that he hoped people wouldn't pass judgment on his mistake. "I've made a couple and I may make a couple again, but hopefully they won't be as big as this one This will never happen again," he said at the time.

He went on to win two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers before his performance dropped off while playing for the Dallas Mavericks and Clippers, says SI.

He is a free agent and the Clippers have expressed interest in re-signing him, according to SI.