Fishermen rescue father and 2-year-old son from Lake Olathe

A training exercise for emergency crews from Olathe and Overland Park turned into a real rescue Friday morning.

The Olathe Fire Department’s water rescue team and the Overland Park Police Department’s dive team were training together at Lake Olathe about 9:30 a.m. when they heard shouts for help.

A father and his 2-year-old son were fishing in a boat when the boy fell into the water, according to Capt. Eric Barnum with the Olathe Fire Department.

The father jumped in to help, but the boat, which was still under power, got away from them.

Other fisherman noticed the runaway boat and alerted the emergency crews.

Firefighters in two rescue boats sped toward the father and son. By the time firefighters got there, though, other fishermen had pulled the father and son from the water and retrieved their boat, Barnum said.

“It was great that the child was wearing a life jacket because without one, kids don’t float,” Barnum said.

Although the father had life jackets in the boat, he was not wearing one.

Firefighters met the father and son at the dock so they could check them out. Although shaken by the experience, neither one was injured.