Man killed by KC police tried to ‘bait’ officers, police officials say

A 44-year-old man fatally shot by Kansas City police Thursday night had abruptly pulled his hand from his waistband, as if he had a gun, just before officers fired, police officials said Friday.

The man didn’t have a gun, police later learned.

Witnesses told police the man had been trying to “bait” the officers into shooting him by putting his hands in his waistband and refusing to listen to officers’ commands to show his hands and get on the ground, said police spokesman Capt. Tye Grant.

Four officers fired at the man and a fifth officer fired a stun gun during the 7 p.m. incident at Northeast Parvin Road and North Corrington Avenue, just west of Interstate 435. The man died at the scene. Police did not release his name.

Police gave this account:

Officers were sent to the QuikTrip after someone spotted the man and knew he had an outstanding parole violation warrant. The caller described what the man was wearing, including his colorful blue pajama pants.

When officers approached, the man immediately began resisting arrest, Grant said. The officers followed him as he ducked between two semi tractor trailers parked between the QuikTrip and a motel. He then led the officers to the motel and ended up next to a wall, where he suddenly pulled his hand from his waistband as if he was getting ready to shoot them.

Police did not release the number of shots fired or the number of times the man was hit. Someone who knew the man told police he had tried to get police to shoot him in a previous incident.

The man was on parole for a theft conviction and on probation for a 2012 possession of a controlled substance conviction. In the drug case, officers found him with a bag of methamphetamine. When police put him in a jail holding cell, he allegedly immediately began punching another inmate. The other inmate declined to prosecute.

Police also arrested the man in September after a disturbance at a Northland grocery store where he left with a Pepsi without paying. He allegedly punched and threatened to shoot the manager who confronted him about stealing the pop. Police officers noted in their report that the man “appeared to be on some type of narcotic due to his actions of twitching and mood swings.”