Few clues to whereabouts of missing Liberty runner

Searchers on Thursday spent a third day looking — fruitlessly — for a missing Liberty runner.

Police and volunteers combed through a wooded area in southern Liberty near a set of winding railroad tracks but did not locate 30-year-old Chad Rogers, who disappeared Monday after heading out for a run about 8:30 p.m.

A body of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle at Missouri 210 and Searcy Creek Parkway was found in the Northland on Thursday but was not Rogers, police said.

Earlier in the day, volunteers searched heavily wooded areas along Birmingham Road to Liberty’s southern limits. Other teams searched areas on Southview Drive to Seven Hills Road. They also checked near U.S. 291 and Old Missouri 210, said Sgt. Bob Kumpost.

Mounted patrols from the Kansas City police and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office also participated in the search Thursday.

By Thursday afternoon, there was no immediate need for additional volunteers because there were no new areas to search, Kumpost said.

“We are not calling off the search right now, but we don’t have a new place to send them,” he said.

Police were determining how to expand the search and investigation.

Scores of volunteers arrived early Thursday at Liberty Christian Fellowship Church to assist searchers and support the Rogers family.

Don Elrod of Liberty said he had seen but didn’t know Rogers.

“I want to help get him back,” Elrod said. “I know how I would feel if that was me who was missing.”

Richard Liebau of Liberty, a former volunteer firefighter, offered his time Thursday even though he was supposed to be helping plan his August wedding.

“My fiancee knows I like to help people,” he said. “She’s OK with that. I’m from a small town in Georgia. That’s what we do.”

Authorities said they had yet to determine whether Rogers was a victim of violence or perhaps had been severely injured while running, Kumpost said.

“We’re checking different things, but at this point, there is nothing there,” he said. “He didn’t take his keys, he didn’t take his ID, didn’t take any money. He didn’t take credit cards, debit card.”

Earlier in the week, investigators scoured Rogers’ cellphone but did not find any text messages that were out of the ordinary. There were no unfamiliar numbers on his cellphone. No one had charged anything to his credit cards or used his debit card, Kumpost said.

Rogers, a marathoner, frequently runs up to 15 miles along different routes.

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