Former KU players on Chiefs agree with Weis’ ‘pile of crap’ comment

Chiefs free-agent rookies Bradley McDougald and Toben Opurum had every right to resent Kansas coach Charlie Weis’ remarks about last year’s Jayhawks team.

But they didn’t.

Earlier this week, Weis referred to his first Kansas team, which went 1-11 last season, as “a pile of crap.” McDougald and Opurum, who finished their careers at KU last year, said they didn’t take Weis’ comments personally.

“That’s what it was, truth be told,” said Opurum, a converted outside linebacker at Kansas who is trying to make the Chiefs as a fullback, on Thursday. “We didn’t put out a good product on the field, and he was expressing how he feels about it.

“He might have been able to word it differently, but that’s the type of guy he is. He’s going to tell you straight-forward, he’s not going to beat around the bush. It doesn’t bother me. People have their opinions about our team, people have their opinions about him. I’m past that.

“I’m up here with the Chiefs. I’m not with the KU football team anymore. If that’s how he wants to speak about the team last year, that’s perfectly fine.”

McDougald, who like Opurum, was coached by Mark Mangino and Turner Gill as well as Weis, said he didn’t think Weis was disrespecting the players.

“We put out 1-11, it was a crap season,” McDougald said. “I can give him that. He’s complemented me plenty of times on my skill and me as a player so I can’t take too much offense to it because of what we produced last year.”

McDougald believes Weis will succeed at Kansas.

“I definitely think they’re in the right direction,” he said. “Things like that are a process, especially when you go from 1-11. I can see if we were a 6-6 team, then the fans should expect you to go straight to a bowl game, straight to postseason play.

“But it’s going to take time. He’s got the right players in there, he’s got a great quarterback in (Jake) Heaps, good receivers coming in and a great running back (James Sims).”

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