Four charged in beating, raping, branding SW Missouri woman

Four people have been charged in an attack in southwest Missouri where a woman was reportedly beaten, raped and branded, reportedly in a fight over $5.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that 19-year-old Charles Jacob Medina, of Niangua; 20-year-old David Alan Lowery, of Conway; 18-year-old Angelina Nicole Medina, of Niangua, and 19-year-old Kristin Prince, of Lebanon, face several charges in the attack on May 22. Charles Medina and Angelina Medina are siblings.

The Webster County Sheriff's probable cause statement says after the woman was beaten and raped one of the defendants used a clothes hanger to brand the victim on her leg.

Charles Medina and Lowery face charges including rape and first-degree assault. Charges for Angelina Medina and Prince include armed criminal action and felonious restraint.

The News-Leader reports that the four were interviewed at the Webster County Sheriff’s Office in June, at which time they admitted to the attack at the Niangua home were siblings Charles and Angela Medina live, according to a probable cause statement.

According to the combined accounts of the four charged, Prince and Angela Medina first attacked the woman with a piece of wood and a metal broom handle, striking her in the legs, face, back and stomach. Prince said she swung the piece of wood “like a baseball bat,” according to the statement.

After that, Charles Medina and Prince held the woman down while Lowery raped her, according to the probable cause statement. All four said the woman told them more than 20 times to stop.

According to the statement, Charles Medina said he held the woman down by her wrists and hit her in the ribs with his elbow. Lowery said he then knocked the woman out with a “superman punch,” but the four continued to assault her.

Angela Medina then branded the woman on her leg with a wire clothes hanger, according to the statement.

Charles Medina and Lowery are both charged with forcible rape, felonious restraint, armed criminal action and two counts of first-degree assault.

Angela Medina and Prince are both charged with armed criminal action, two counts of first-degree assault and two counts of felonious restraint.

Warrants for all four were issued, with bonds set at $250,000 each.

Three of the suspects are in custody; David Alan Lowery remains at large.