Magazine labels KC as one of America’s snobbiest cities

Union Station
Union Station The Kansas City Star

So much for Midwestern charm. Apparently, Kansas City has its nose stuck up in the air.

At least, that’s what Travel + Leisure readers said in the magazine’s annual survey of America’s snobbiest cities.

Kansas City tied for No. 14 on the list

, sharing a spot with Philadelphia.

But the ranking doesn’t necessarily speak ill for Kansas City. Although readers took into consideration each city’s “reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents,” they also considered the amount of high-end shopping, the number of cultural opportunities, such as classical music and the theater, how tech-savvy and eco-conscious the residents are and even how many artisanal coffee houses there are.

According to the magazine, Kansas City’s “trio of big museums and the Kauffman Center—home to the city’s symphony, ballet, and opera—are proof that this city cares about more than just its famed barbecue.”

One bonus in Kansas City’s favor is that the cultural attractions are pretty reasonably priced, according to the magazine. In its

2012 survey of America’s favorite cities

, Travel + Leisure readers named Kansas City the most affordable city in the U.S. to visit and second-most affordable city to live in. 20 cities were ranked.

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