What are the odds? Impending royal baby big business for Brit bookies

With the birth of a royal baby just days away, British bookies are taking bets on everything from the future British monarch’s gender, weight, hair color – and whether Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a C-section because she’s “too posh to push.”

Want to bet on the baby’s hair color? Brown is the most popular color with the betting crowd, followed by blond and black.

(Sorry, Prince Harry. Hardly anyone thinks it’s going to be a ginger.)

The birth of the royal baby is expected to generate more bets than the royal wedding of April 2011.

The biggest money is apparently being waged on the baby’s name.

Prince Hashtag anyone?

“It's a global market,” Joe Crilly, a spokesman for British bookies William Hill, tells AFP global news agency. “British people love the royal family and so do people around the world.”

Bettors are sticking with traditional names. Alexandra – Queen Elizabeth II’s middle name – currently leads the pack, followed by Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana and Victoria.

Most popular boy names: George, James and Louis.

Picks for girl names far outstrip boy names, probably because people think that Kate let it slip a few months ago that she’s having a girl.

Some people are thinking way outside the name-game box. One Irish bookmaker took a 500-1 bet that the royal couple will name their baby Hashtag.

Even bigger odds at 5,000-1: That the baby will be named Psy, or even North after the Kimye offspring.

“We are seeing a tug of war with a quite modern couple like William and Kate on one hand but they have a royal family to appease, 1,000 years of tradition and they don't want to upset the queen,” one bookmaker told AFP.

Don’t upset the queen?

Guess Princess Blue Ivy is out.