KC resident and security guard interrupt rape, catch suspect

A resident of a downtown apartment and a security guard interrupted a rape early Sunday after hearing the victim repeatedly scream for help.

The assailant was holding the victim down by the neck on the ground in a grassy area of a parking lot near Eighth Street and Grand Boulevard when a resident heard voices outside his window about 1:15 a.m. The man said he heard a woman saying, “Get off me! Call the police!”

Court records gave this account:

The resident summoned a security guard in his building, and they went outside. They found a man on top of a woman near an orange mesh construction fence in the parking lot. The woman shouted, “He raped me,” and said the assailant had taken her cellphone and cash.

The guard ordered the man to get up, but the man fled when the guard tried to grab him. The suspect tried to jump over a fence near a steep cliff, where he could have fallen to his death, but the guard used pepper spray to stop him.

The guard marched the suspect back to the scene, where the man threatened the guard.

“I will be back tomorrow to kick ya’lls ... and he’s going to need an ambulance,” he reportedly said.

The woman, who is homeless, told police the suspect approached her as she was sitting in a vacant lot. He asked her for a cigarette and talked to her before saying he wanted to have sex. After she refused, he choked her, raped her and asked, “Do you want to die?”

Jackson County prosecutors charged a homeless man, John E. Schilling, 46, with rape, assault and robbery. He remained in jail Monday in lieu of a $100,000 bond.