Lady Gaga sings gay friendly national anthem (with video)

Lady Gaga’s a cappella rendition of the national anthem at New York City’s gay pride celebration on Friday night was soul-stirring – and pot-stirring, too.

Gaga and her audience were still flush with excitement over last week’s Supreme Court gay rights rulings, including one that cleared the way for same-sex couples to once again marry in California.

Gaga, who has been largely out of sight since undergoing hip surgery in February, spoke at a kick-off rally for New York’s Gay Pride Parade at Pier 26.

“I would like to thank everyone from the Supreme Court to every legislator and political leader that has ever stood with us,” she told the crowd, according to Us Weekly.

“I am so fortunate to have been welcomed by all of you into the LGBT community and to this family. . . . Our evolution as LGBT citizens always continues to change and we see that the further we are able to reveal and share our lives, the further we move into the hearts and minds of other Americans."

Then, clutching a rainbow gay pride flag to her chest, she belted out the national anthem, punctuated by cheers and cries from the crowd.

And – like so many Kansas City Chiefs fans do at home games, like it or not – Gaga tweaked the lyrics to fit the occasion.

She sang “O say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave,” and ended with a rousing “land of the free, and a home for the gay.”

Three, two, one ...

Folks like this on Twitter were none too happy: “Dear @


either sing our National Anthem correctly or don't sing it at all.”