At vigil for teen shot in melee, crowd gathers to denounce violence

While Chloe M. Johnson remained in a hospital on a ventilator Friday evening after being shot in the head, her family and supporters gathered to denounce the plague of violence in Kansas City.

“We are killing each other and that’s not cool,” said a flier with Johnson’s picture and a message written in her first-person voice.

Johnson was shot in the head early Sunday when gunfire spilled out of a building at 1917 Prospect Ave. being used by a motorcycle club. Marlon E. Randolph, 23, was killed in the melee, and seven people, in addition to Johnson, were wounded. Authorities closed down the club this week.

More than 100 people gathered in Blues Park across the street from the club to renounce the violence and to ask for anyone with information about the shooter or shooters to come forward.

Johnson’s parents, Sunni Blount and Derrick Johnson, wore blue T-shirts with their daughter’s picture. Both said she was improving.

“She’ll be OK,” Derrick Johnson said. “It’ll be a long road to recovery.”

At the conclusion of the rally, organized by the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime and its affiliated Mothers in Charge, green, pink and blue balloons were launched in the setting sunlight to symbolize life, love and peace.

“Speak up for me!” said the flier near Chloe Johnson’s photo. “We cannot make Kansas City a better place if we remain silent. I am begging you to identify who shot me.”

Anyone with information was asked to contact Ad Hoc at 816-753-1111 or the police.