Kansas City is ‘thriving,’ says glowing NY Post story

Union Station
Union Station The Kansas City Star

The New York Post has had a string of bad press lately after its questionable Boston Marathon coverage, but this week the tabloid is giving people in Kansas City great press.

The Post published a story Monday that celebrates some of Kansas City’s most notable attractions.

In “

Kicking it in Kansas City

,” travel writer Clint Brownfield drinks a Manhattan at the Kill Devil Club, describes the Kauffman Center as “opulent,” and brags on the city’s many offerings.

“The citizens of St. Louis can talk all they want but Kansas Citians know their city is the genuine Gateway to the West,” Brownfield writes. “New Yorkers who have been to Kansas City almost unanimously say about the town, ‘It’s a really cool place.’ If they haven’t visited, they often look dumbstruck.”

Of course, he points out the city’s fame for its BBQ, but he also plugs some of the less storied restaurants, such as Bluestem and Port Fonda.

“The city, known for its beautiful and numerous fountains and graceful boulevards lined with stately homes, is home to top companies...And it is a city that is thriving,” the story notes.

Brownfield even takes a dig at the particularly uneven seasons the Missouri and Kansas basketball teams had last season. (He was in Kansas City during March Madness.) “This year was particularly exciting for KU Jayhawk fans — not so much for MU Tiger fans.”

Kansas City’s had a run of good press in the national media lately. The Post’s story follows Esquire naming Harry’s Country Club and Manifesto to its 2013 list of the

best bars in America

. In June, GQ magazine featured Port Fonda chef/owner Patrick Ryan’s

guide to the best Kansas City has to offer