LeBron James nearly loses head while riding in celebration parade

You can just imagine the discussion that went down at this parade-planning meeting.

Hey, guys, let’s put 6-foot-8 LeBron James on top of a double-decker bus and hope he can duck low enough not to be decapitated on the bridges the bus passes under.

That scenario would be funny if it weren’t apparently close to the truth, as seen in this video shot Monday morning during the Miami Heat’s championship parade.

How scary was the ride? Just listen to the commentators yelling.

LeBron, his sons, Juwan Howard and the rest of the team rode on top of a double-decker bus for the parade. On the route, the bus passed under three consecutive overpasses with 14-foot clearances.

After the bus passes under the first bridge, with LeBron bending over to avoid a face full of concrete, you can kinda read his face.

What idiot thought this was a good idea?

“Watch LeBron James Barely Avoid Decapitation During Miami Heat Parade,” reads the headline on the story posted by

Bleacher Report


Everyone seems uneasy after passing so close under the first bridge. LeBron looks back and warns his teammates as the bus approaches a second bridge. "We got another one coming," he yells out.

Everyone crouches safely. But when the third bridge comes up, mere seconds later, LeBron barely avoids a fatal haircut. You can hear Juwan screaming "get down."

“The driver and planner of the parade must have been Spurs fans,” suggested one commenter on YouTube.

We bet we know one parade planner who’s out of a job.