Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe not backing off his prediction of a big season

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe predicted last month when offseason practice started that he would lead the NFL this season in receptions and touchdowns. He isn’t backing off that claim now that the Chiefs are concluding their spring work with today’s final practice.

“I feel good about it,” Bowe said of his boast. “If I don’t think it, who will? I’m just going to let my play show what I can do and leave it at that.”

Bowe had 15 touchdowns to lead NFL receivers in 2010, but he’s dropped too many passes and been too inconsistent with his route-running to ever be close to the top in receptions.

But he’s never played in an Andy Reid offense, or with a quarterback who was once selected with the first pick in the NFL Draft, as Alex Smith was.

“The offense is aggressive,” Bowe said. “It’s not passive at all. Every play, we’re going downfield. These are by far the most uptempo practices I’ve ever been a part of. Only time will tell when the games start how good we’re going to look.”

Offense makes plays

The Chiefs’ defense has generally gotten the better of the offense during offseason practices, but the offense made its share of plays on Wednesday. The star of practice — yes, you’ve heard this one before — was wide receiver Jon Baldwin, who caught a couple of deep passes and made a pair of difficult catches.

“We had a couple down-the-field throws with the offense, more so than we had yesterday,” Reid said. “It went back and forth, and that’s what you’re looking for. Offense challenged the defense. Defense challenged the offense. That’s the way you get better.”

Rookie running back Knile Davis continued to have trouble catching the ball out of the backfield. Davis dropped a couple of easy throws, one on a screen pass that he would have taken for a long gain.

Fisher wrapping it up

After being drafted with the first overall pick by the Chiefs, Eric Fisher has had a quiet offseason. Fisher has taken his spot as the starting right tackle and begun the process of blending in with his teammates on the offensive line.

“They threw a lot at us and expect us to learn it all,” Fisher said when asked to assess his last four weeks. “I’ve just been doing my best to pick up everything. There are a lot of calls I need to learn.

“I’m making improvements every day. Every day, I come out here to work. Going up against the guys I go up against is making a better player every day. I’m just getting in the playbook every day and having a great time out here.”