Kansas jail inmates upset over one-roll-a-week toilet paper rationing

It’s the toilet paper protest.

Through letters to the Wichita Eagle, Sedgwick County jail inmates are complaining of what they say is unfair rationing that limits them to a roll of TP a week.

If they use it up before they get a new roll, they say, they get charged $1.18 a roll at the commissary, and some don’t have the money.

The inmates are framing it as a violation of their rights.

An sheriff's office spokesman is expected to comment on the complaints Wednesday afternoon.

According to the letters, on the night of May 31 jail staff got inmates out of their beds and seized toilet paper, apparently for redistribution, and that beginning June 1 inmates will be limited to one roll per week.

The inmates said they use the toilet paper not just for the obvious reason but as napkins and to wipe up spills. One letter called the rationing a violation of the American Disability Act, because someone with a disability has to use an “abundant amount” of toilet paper, and a violation of the constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment.

“This is clearly extortion ,” one letter said.

One letter bore 35 signatures, another 26.

The letters from the jail were postmarked June 3.