Overland Park woman wakes to smoke alarms sounding, house full of smoke

Smoke alarms are being credited with saving an Overland Park woman’s life after her house caught fire and filled with smoke early Tuesday.

The woman told firefighters she was asleep when she woke to smoke alarms sounding, according to Jason Rhodes, a spokesman for the Overland Park Fire Department.

The woman said the house was full of smoke and she saw a fire near the back of the house. She escaped outside to safety and called 911.

The first units on the scene reported smoke coming from the house in the 11400 block West 105th Street. The firefighters brought an attic fire under control in about 25 minutes.

No one was injured in the fire. Teh home, however, suffered fire damage to the attic and significant smoke damage throughout the whole house.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation, however an exterior light fixture possibly ignited the blaze.

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Robert A. Cronkleton, bcronkleton@kcstar.com