‘In Cold Blood’ DNA tests inconclusive so far

DNA testing so far has been inconclusive on whether two men executed in Kansas for the 1959 killings that inspired the book “In Cold Blood” can be linked to the unsolved slayings of a Florida family weeks later, a senior investigator said Wednesday.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation will continue testing material collected from the remains of convicted murderers Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, said Deputy Director Kyle Smith. Investigators believe the men fled to Florida after killing four members of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kan.

“The analysis is not completed,” Kyle Smith said. “We are still trying.”

The convicted murderers were buried in Lansing, Kan. Their remains were exhumed in December so investigators could collect bone fragments for DNA samples.

The KBI initially projected it would have definitive results early this month, but it now has no timetable for completing the testing.

The victims in the Florida killings were Cliff Walker and his wife, Christine, along with their two small children. Christine Walker had been raped, so Florida authorities sought to compare a DNA profile from semen on her clothing to the DNA of Hickock and Smith.

At the time, a lie detector test cleared Hickock and Smith of the Florida killings, but those results have since been discounted.