KC man is charged with murder after friend dies in drive-by shooting

Jackson County prosecutors on Wednesday charged a friend of a man who died in a homicide last week with felony murder because the death came while the men allegedly were committing a drive-by shooting.

Prosecutors also charged Michael A. Mosley, 23, of Kansas City, with shooting a firearm from a vehicle and two counts of armed criminal action in connection with the May 16 death of his friend, William L. Crawford, 24.

According to court records, Crawford was driving a car with three other occupants, including Mosley in the back seat. They stopped and confronted a man they knew in front of a house in the 4300 block of Flora Avenue.

“What’s up?” the man said.

“Here’s what’s up,” Mosley allegedly replied while shooting at the victim with a handgun.

A friend of the intended victim then picked up an assault-type rifle and fired back at the gunman’s car, killing the driver, Crawford, and critically injuring the front seat passenger. The back seat passengers, including Mosley, fled.

The intended victim also ran away. He later told police he recognized the shooter as Mosley.

Homicide investigators said the investigation is ongoing. Missouri law allows prosecutors to charge people with felony murder if someone dies in the commission of a felony.