Large hail, tornadoes possible with severe storms expected for Sunday, Monday

Severe weather is expected to move into the Kansas City area at the end the weekend, bringing along the possibility of tornadoes.

“It’s been a slow year” for severe weather, said Andy Bailey, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, Mo.

“This is probably the best setup we’ve had to date,” he said. “It is highly unlikely that we don’t see anything.”

Severe weather will stretch from Iowa to Texas.

“We will probably see thunderstorms,” Bailey said. “Large hail and tornadoes are certainly in the possibilities.”

Warm and humid air is expected move into the area ahead of the severe storms.

Widely scattered thunderstorms are possible Saturday night, but they are not expected to be severe.

“They may be a precursor to what will be happening Sunday and Monday,” he said.

The severe storms are expected to move into the area late Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. More storms are expected to develop Monday.

“These will be two distinct episodes,” Bailey said.

Bailey urged people to prepare for the severe storm season.

“We’re a little out of practice after how quiet this spring is,” said Bailey, who added that the area has typically had at least one tornado warning by now.

People should take time this weekend to make sure their shelter area is cleaned out so if a tornado warning is issued, they have a safe place to go.

He also urged people watch for updated forecasts at the

National Weather Service’s website

for the latest information.