Several communities plan sobriety checkpoints this weekend, next month

Police from several communities in the Kansas City area plan to have sobriety checkpoints this weekend.

Mission police announced they will have a DUI checkpoint in their city that will stretch Friday night into Saturday morning.

Officers from Mission and other area law enforcement agencies will be looking for impaired and dangerous drivers.

Drivers passing through the checkpoint will be screened to determine if they might be impaired. Those who show signs of being intoxicated, will be tested further.

Kansas City police also will have a sobriety checkpoint sometime this weekend in an area known for alcohol-related crashes or arrests.

Police will place signs in advance of the checkpoint alerting drivers to the special enforcement. Motorists will be directed to screen drivers.

Drivers suspected driving drunk will be asked to take a sobriety test.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department announced Monday that it may conduct sobriety checkpoints at various locations within the county in May and June.

Drivers passing through the checkpoints will stopped to determine whether they are driving drunk.

To report drunken drivers in Platte County, call the sheriff’s department at 816-858-3521 or 911.

Robert A. Cronkleton, bcronkleton@kcstar.com