Young Kansas City mother is accused of breaking baby’s bones

Jackson County prosecutors charged a young mother with two felony counts of child abuse after she allegedly squeezed and shook her 3-month-old baby and pulled his arm.

The baby suffered four broken ribs, an arm injury, and bruising to his body and face from incidents that occurred in December, according to court records released Wednesday.

Kansas City police arrested Abigail C. Millican, 20, of Kansas City, on Tuesday in connection with warrants filed by prosecutors last week.

She remained in jail Wednesday in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

The baby’s paternal grandfather noticed injuries on three different visitation times in December, so he took the boy to a hospital on Dec. 27 and filed a police report. The baby’s father was in the Air Force, so he was gone, according to court records.

According to the records, Millican told police her baby was “fragile” and bruised easier than her 3-year-old son, perhaps because she drank alcohol and smoked while pregnant. She said the baby was “colicky” and cried all the time. She said she felt alone, didn’t get much help from her husband and took out her frustrations on the baby.

She allegedly tossed the baby on the bed aggressively and cranked his arm when she was upset with her husband. She told police she also squeezed the baby with both hands on each side of his torso and shook him while telling him to “shut up,” “just leave me alone” and “go to sleep.”

She filed for divorce in January. The couple married in February 2012.