Google Fiber is coming to Gladstone

The Kansas City Star

The Gladstone City Council has approved an agreement making way for Google Fiber to sell its ultra-fast Internet service in the Northland community.

That makes it the first community outside Kansas City in the market to land Google Inc.’s TV and Internet service north of the Missouri River.

It also follows a recent flurry of Kansas City suburbs to come to terms with Google and its plans to expand a still-in-the-works network that will stretch high-capacity fiber-optic data lines directly to homes.

And while Google Fiber now includes Gladstone in its public plans, any delivery of service does not appear imminent.

“As we’ve said before,” the company said in a blog post late Monday, “it takes a while to plan, engineer and start building our network in new communities, so it will still be some time before we can hook up our Gladstone customers. We’ll publish more info here as we have it.”