Yee-haw! Kansas City named second-most redneck city in country

We’re trying not to take this personally.

But frankly, we feel like kickin’ somebody with our pointy-toed cowboy boots because real estate web site


has issued a list of the Most Redneck cities in America.

Atlanta, Georgia claims the No. 1 spot.

Kansas City - the one in Missouri, not Kansas - ranks No. 2.

Rounding out the Top 10 Most Redneck Cities in America: Oklahoma City (No. 3); Nashville; Tulsa; Fort Worth; Arlington, Texas; Sacramento, Cleveland and Mesa, Arizona.

Named the least rednecky city in America: New York.

Wow. Surprise.

The web site ran a photo of a battered old barn, identifying it as “City Hall in Kansas City, MO, where the rednecks meet to make important legislative decisions. Just kidding - rednecks don’t have laws!”

And just how did they determine our redneckiness? By scoring us on things like how many of us didn’t finish high school and per capita number of gun stores, cowboy boot stores, taxidermists, country radio stations, Walmarts, riding lawn mower shops and number of NASCAR race tracks close by.

That dadgum NASCAR track.

“To find our final list of the 10 most ‘redneckedy’ cities in the good ol’ US of A, we took each of these criteria, used one of them fancy calculator things to average their rank, and came up with each city’s final score,” the pollsters write. “And if yer city’s number ranked smaller than the number of cars in your yard, well,

you just mat be a redneck


All we can say to the pollsters is this: What, you didn’t visit Branson?