Thieves smash SUV through concrete and metal to steal electronics

Thieves used a stolen sport utility vehicle to break through a concrete barrier pole and a metal sliding door to steal electronics from a Best Buy store in Kansas City, North, early Friday.

The well-planned heist occurred about 2:20 a.m. at the store at 9130 N. Skyview Ave. Video surveillance showed two vehicles pulling into the lot, then one of them repeatedly backing into the concrete security poles and front doors until it smashed through.

Three men then ran into the store and shoved iPads, iPad minis and MacBooks into bags they had brought with them. The men left within three minutes and fled in a second vehicle, believed to be a 2013 Ford Escape. They left the wrecked SUV in the foyer still running with its door open.

Police reviewed the video for clues and processed the SUV for evidence. Police estimated the merchandise loss at $30,000. Damage to the building was extensive, police said, but they did not have an estimate for the cost of repairs.