Boulevard Brewing continues its West Side expansion

It’s a problem most businesses wouldn’t mind having.

Boulevard Brewing Co. is continually trying to keep ahead of its growth. That includes putting up a glass walkway to connect a new building to the headquarters to taking the roof off an older building and adding more space upward instead of outward.

Now Kansas City’s hometown brewery has bought a 55,000-square-foot building at 2450 Summit St., about a block from its headquarters, and will make it part of the brewery’s “campus.”

According to Boulevard, the creamy white Summit building went up in the mid-1970s as headquarters for an industrial parts distributor. Boulevard bought it for an undisclosed price from DST, which is leasing the property to another tenant until mid-2014.

Boulevard will then move packaging and some Smokestack Series production to the building.

It has more than 1,000 used whiskey barrels that it uses to age some Smokestack beers — anywhere from three months to five years. Currently the barrels are scattered at various Boulevard facilities, but they will be consolidated in the Summit building in temperature-controlled areas.

Office space also is at a premium, so Boulevard’s marketing department could take over the Summit building’s office space.

It’s all about “keeping up with the rapidly growing business,” said Jeff Krum, chief financial officer. “There is very little room in our existing brewery, and this gives us room to grow.”

Plaza’s Ingredient sued

A year ago, Highwoods Realty Limited Partnership sued its Plaza restaurant tenant, Ingredient, for back rent and possession of the property at 4807 Jefferson St. Highwoods said the restaurant owed $125,635.88

That suit was settled last fall.

But now another suit for back rent and possession of the property has been filed. Highwoods is now seeking $74,499.51 that it says the restaurant has incurred through April 1, along with additional costs and attorney fees. Highwoods also seeks possession of the space.

Highwoods officials declined to comment.

Officials with the Plaza Ingredient couldn’t be reached for comment.