Community of Christ delegates recommend allowing marriages, ordination of gay people

Community of Christ Temple in Independence
Community of Christ Temple in Independence

The Community of Christ’s USA National Conference has recommended policy changes that would allow for the ordination of gay people and marriages or covenant commitment services of gay couples.

The conference held last weekend attracted about 2,000 people, including about 1,500 delegates, to the Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence, said Kendra Friend, a member of the church’s communications and media relations team.

The delegates, by more than the required majority, recommended that the sacrament of marriage be extended to members of the same sex where legal in the United States.

In areas where it’s not legal, the conference delegates recommended that the church recognize covenant commitment services for gay couples.

The conference delegates also recommended the church ordain people to the various offices of priesthood regardless of their sexual orientation and relationship.

Offices of priesthood in the church are deacon, teacher, priest, elder, seventy and high priest, Friend said.

The changes will need to be approved by the First Presidency and Council of Twelve Apostles.

Friend said it was her understanding that they would follow the recommendations of the National Conference.

The process of developing, approving and implementing interim policies could take up to one year, she said. Any changes would apply only to the United States.

The Community of Christ, formerly formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is based in Independence and has about 250,000 members.