Jason Sudeikis, who’s coming to KC for an improv show, has wedding news

Jason Sudeikis is on the phone to talk about returning to his hometown for Saturday’s improv comedy show benefiting Gilda’s Club Kansas City.

But first we have breaking news: Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are not getting married in Lawrence after all.

“It’s definitely not in Lawrence,” Sudeikis, a KU Jayhawks basketball fan, tells us from the airport in Los Angeles. “It was never gonna be. I don’t know how those things start.”

So where


the “SNL” star and his actress fiancee getting hitched?

“It’ll definitely be a wedding tour. Everywhere you’ve heard that we’re getting married, we are,” he says. Tour bus and everything. “Lot of waving. Lot of pie eating.”

Don’t believe that? Well …

“We’ll get married on the Zambezi Zinger. … Just people screaming,” Sudeikis announces, before learning the old-school Worlds of Fun roller coaster was reportedly exported to Latin America.

OK, so the guy isn’t gonna spill the beans. No wedding date has been set, he says.

Sudeikis, 37, also won’t say how long he’ll stay with “Saturday Night Live.” He joined the cast in 2005. This season has three shows left.

“All sorts of stuff to figure out on that end of things,” he says.

“I sound like (Syracuse men’s basketball coach) Jim Boeheim, don’t I? ‘There’s still a job to do!’”

Speaking of “SNL,” Sudeikis is proud of his connection to

Gilda’s Clubs

and Saturday night’s “Giggle With Gilda” fundraiser at the Midland. The show, his third time headlining, will feature the Second City National Touring Company. Wilde will take part in the improv fun, too.

Gilda Radner was, of course, one of the first “SNL” stars. She died of ovarian cancer in 1989. The Gilda’s Club in Kansas City and others around the country offer support groups, educational opportunities, social events and workshops for cancer patients, their family and friends.

Sudeikis’ mom, Kathy, is a breast cancer survivor herself and serves on the local Gilda’s Club board.

The Gilda’s Club show is “fun for me because I get to sort of relive my Second City Touring Company days,” Sudeikis says. He performed with Second City in Chicago and Las Vegas between 1998 and 2003.

Working with the up-and-coming Second City talent — does he feel like the old guy now?

“Oh, yeah,” Sudeikis says. “Yeah yeah yeah. But I don’t mind that. I have a tendency to think people listen to older people more, so I don’t mind getting older.”

As for Wilde, “we’re gonna get her up there to play a couple of improv games, maybe one of those archive sketches as well. That’s the plan. Much like anything in the world of sketch comedy and improvisation, we are figuring it out as we go.”

An archive sketch, he explains, is one that was written back in the day by, for instance, Steve Carell or Tina Fey.

He’s learning his lines for the show here much as he does for “SNL.” It’s not all improv. “But what we usually do is sprinkle in some improv games.”

If you’re wondering what Sudeikis was doing in L.A. this week, he was reshooting a scene for “We’re the Millers,” a big-screen comedy with Jennifer Aniston that’s due in August. Has to do with a pot dealer’s fake family.

He’ll also soon be seen (sort of) and heard in the animated “Epic,” from the “Ice Age” people, in which Sudeikis plays a mad scientist who may not be mad after all. That’s out May 24.

But Sudeikis would like to make one last pitch for the “Giggle” show before he has to catch his flight.

“There’s lots of fun things to do on a Saturday night in Kansas City. I used to partake in a whole bunch of ’em,” he says.

“But having been a guy who took one of those Saturday nights to see the Second City National Touring Company, I would say it changed my life. Now, I don’t expect it to change everybody’s life, but I know they’ll at least have a good time.”