Hot Lotto change will boost small prizes, decrease chance of jackpot

The Kansas Lottery says changes in the Hot Lotto this spring will mean bigger prizes but also reduce the chance of winning.

Kansas lottery officials said in a news release that the prize for matching three balls will go up from $4 to $6; matching four will double from $50 to $100; matching four and the Hot Ball will increase from $500 to $3,000; and matching five balls, without the Hot Ball, will increase from $10,000 to $30,000.

The lottery will pay all taxes for the grand prize, meaning the winner will receive the full jackpot.

However, players will choose from 47 numbers, rather than the current 39. That will reduce the chances of winning the jackpot from 1-in-10.9 million to 1-in-29.1 million.

The changes start May 12.