Man is accused of giving body-fluid soaked gum to co-workers at Northland grocery

A 23-year-old man allegedly soaked pieces of chewing gum in his bodily fluids, handed them out to female co-workers at a Northland grocery store and posted videos of the interactions on an adult website.

Clay County prosecutors charged Robert R. “Chase” Brown of Independence with five misdemeanor charges of assault. Police said they are continuing their investigation and plan to pursue additional charges. Brown was in jail Thursday in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Court records include statements from 10 women who worked at the Cosentino’s Price Chopper north of Missouri 291 and Interstate 35 who were offered gum or liquids in the past month or so that police say were tainted with Brown’s urine or semen. The videotaped interactions were featured on his blog under the handle “BlueMidnighter,” the records said. He allegedly referred to one victim on the blog as “my other test subject.”

The blog included photos of white fluid with unwrapped sticks of gum on a paper plate under the title “Waiting for sticks to dry.” Another photo showed gum immersed in a yellow fluid with the title that identified the fluid as urine.

He also allegedly urinated on a supervisor’s security card and posted a photo to the blog of male genitals touching the card.

A co-worker said Brown gave her a bottle of liquid that he said was a liquor mixture he planned to market. The woman kept it in her refrigerator for a few days but threw it away after noticing particles in the liquid. She retrieved it from her trash to give to police.

Brown allegedly pulled photos of some of his co-workers from their Facebook accounts and attached those photos to his blog.

An anonymous tipster alerted one victim to the videos, and one of her friends called police earlier this month.

Brown, who worked as a cashier, allegedly told detectives he videotaped himself providing gum through a “spy camera” concealed under his work apron.

He admitted to having sticks of gum on a plate next to his semen but denied giving that gum to anyone, according to court records. He also said the yellow liquid in the blog photo was just “colored water,” the court records said.

Police said they have no evidence suggesting Brown offered gum to anyone other than co-workers.