Search of Johnson County farm field after skull found

Deputies and crime scene investigators from the Johnson County Sheriff’s office are searching a field today for evidence after a human skull was found there.

People hunting for antlers found the skull about 3:30 p.m. Monday in the field near West 215th Street and Gardner Road in rural Johnson County.

Authorities are conducting a grid search of the property. The search area is about one square mile.

Crews were searching a quarter-mile section of the property at a time, said Johnson County Deputy Rick Howell.

He described the property as a plowed field with a wooded area that cuts through the property.

“It’s your typical Kansas farmland,” he said.

The skull has been there some time, he said. Authorities are trying to determine just how long.

“We’re still looking for evidence that would lead us to who this might be and how they got there,” Howell said.

He said investigators are focusing on collecting evidence and haven’t been able to determine if the skull is that of anyone reported missing.

“We are still figuring out what we have on the property and are trying to find evidence that may lead us to somebody who might be associated to the skull,” Howell said.

He said the search will take time to be sufficiently thorough and methodical.

“We will stay out there as long as we have to — as long as we need to to try to find any other evidence that is associated to this human skull,” he said.

Authorities started the search at 215th Street and moved north. The skull was found in the middle of the property, which is accessed by a private road.