Raytown robbery is foiled by two Dollar General clerks

A 19-year-old Raytown man thought robbing the Dollar General on Missouri 350 would get him some quick, easy cash.

But he didn’t plan on a clerk fighting back during the 9 p.m. attempted robbery Friday night, court records say. When the robber lunged with his knife, the clerk put him in a headlock. The men struggled, hands flailing. At one point, the clerk grabbed a toilet plunger to block the robber’s knife. But the robber eventually stabbed the clerk in the right buttock.

When the victim fled outside, a co-worker slammed and locked the double doors, caging the robber. He escaped out the back but didn’t get far, according to court records. A Raytown police officer arrested him near a city water tower. Officers found a knife nearby.

The clerk was treated at a hospital for a puncture wound and kept overnight.

Saturday morning, Jackson County prosecutors charged Brandon D. Burkhardt with first-degree assault and armed criminal action. Prosecutors requested a bond of $150,000.