For bank robbery suspect, one bad decision led to others

Warning to robbers: Stay away from the First Security Bank in Trimble, Mo. It can be a tough place to earn a dishonest living.

Michael Stephen Oliva, 34, of Liberty, learned that, according to a charge of attempted robbery, filed Monday in federal court.

Oliva’s purported adventure began about 1:25 p.m. Friday, when he invited bad karma by parking in a handicapped-accessible spot before entering the bank. Pulling on a black mask, Oliva allegedly pointed a plastic replica handgun at a teller and demanded money.

The teller instead dropped to the floor, crawled away and yelled for help, according to court records. When Oliva leaned over the counter to wave his plastic gun at her some more, the teller heaved a plastic trash can at him.

At least that missed.

Hearing the commotion, a second bank employee, who had a concealed-carry permit, picked up his .357-caliber Smith and Wesson and fired a few rounds.

At least one bullet hit Oliva, “somewhere in the jaw area,” the second employee reported.

With that, Oliva purportedly had seen enough of the First Security Bank. He fled, leaving a 200-foot blood trail to the handicapped spot.

Police chased Oliva’s vehicle southbound on U.S. 169 to Interstate 435 in Kansas City.

After police used spike strips to stop the vehicle, a wounded Oliva emerged from the Dodge Stratus. His dispirited words to officers, recorded in the court papers, summed up the afternoon: “You guys going to let me die?”

Oliva was hospitalized and in federal custody Monday.

Trimble, near Smithville Lake, is about 25 miles north of downtown Kansas City.