Wet, slushy main streets, highways greet morning commuters

Commuters headed into work this morning will find the highways and main streets wet and slushy — some of them even clear.

It’s getting to those roads that might be a little challenging as neighborhood streets remain snow covered from Tuesday’s storm, the second major snowfall to blanket the area in less than a week.

And while road conditions are have improved greatly since Tuesday, transportation officials warn drivers not to be overconfident.

“People headed out should take their time, leave plenty of room between them and other vehicles and don’t assume that even if pavements look clear, they are,” said Steve Porter, senior customer relations specialist with the Missouri Department of Transportation. “They still might be slick.”

Because many workers remained home Tuesday, road crews had open access to clear the highway and main streets.

“The primary roads are mostly clear to partly clear, except for secondary roads,” Porter said.

Highway crews will work to clear shoulders, ramps and the merge areas where snow has piled up. Assisting with the clean up are crews form other parts of the state. Also, two snow blowers were brought in to clear areas like bridges where snow can’t be plowed onto shoulders.

Motorists should be careful because there will be extra heavy equipment on the roads clearing the snow.

Commuters should be especially cautious on secondary roads as the light snow continues to fall, making the roads slick.

“They (the secondary roads) aren’t getting the high volume of traffic to keep it slushy,” Porter said.

On the Kansas side, highways are wet and slushy in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Crews were out overnight treating the roads, but officials are warning the morning commute could be messy due to the overnight snow.

People are urged to use extra caution at ramps, flyovers and bridges.

Meanwhile, about 12,500 Kansas City Power & Light customers were still without electricity at 7:20 a.m. That includes 6,093 customers in Kansas and 6,398 customers in Missouri.

The Kansas City, Kan., Board of Public Utilities is reporting that 2,116 customers are currently without power.

Expect light snow and flurries today as a couple of weak weather disturbance pass through the area, according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. It could build up to 1/2 inch or an inch of new snow.

There’s a chance for more snow tonight and Tuesday.