Waldo neighbors come to the rescue when ambulance gets stuck in snow

About a dozen residents of a Waldo neighborhood came to the rescue Tuesday when one of their neighbors had a medical emergency but a responding ambulance got stuck in the snow.

David Kissick and a couple of his neighbors were talking after shoveling snow near 74th and Oak streets when the ambulance and a fire truck roared into their block, sirens wailing, about 12:30 p.m. The ambulance became stuck in the heavy, wet snow and the paramedics had to rush on foot to the home of the man who needed help.

While they were tending to him, the neighbors began to dig the ambulance out. Then they cleared the whole intersection and the walk in front of the home where the emergency was.

“First it was just the three of us and then a neighbor across the street, who was shoveling his drive, started helping us,” said Kissick, 29.

“Then other people came out of their houses and got a shovel,” Kissick continued. “Two kids shoveling down the street came running up. There probably ended up being 12 people just shoveling. It came out of the blue.”

The patient was taken to Research Medical Center and, the last Kissick heard, was in stable condition.