Roeland Park mayor loses re-election bid

In a low-turnout election held as fresh snow fell in the area, Roeland Park Mayor Adrienne Foster lost her bid for re-election on Tuesday

Voter turnout was just over 4 percent in the Johnson County primary elections, where six cities had council and mayoral seats up for election.

In each of the races, only two candidates advanced to the April 2 general election.

In Roeland Park, three candidates were vying to become mayor.

Final, unofficial results showed Foster with only 17 percent of the vote. Joel Marquardt, an architect, had 57 percent. Linda Mau, a local advocate, also will advance with 26 percent.

Foster was controversial because she had recommended last fall cutting city departments, including police and inspectors, to shore up revenue that would be lost from the pending departure of Wal-Mart to Mission.

Other results:

Fairway, Ward 4

Tanya Keys, a regular at City Council meetings, led with 58 percent, but second place was a tie.

Anthony J. Kimberly and Andy Duewel each got 6 votes, or 19 percent. Dawn Thibodeau trailed with 1 vote.

Election spokeswoman Sarah Horn said the election board would determine Monday which provisional ballots to count. If the candidates are still tied, a Johnson County commissioner will toss a coin.

Lenexa, Ward 3

Lou Serrone, a 12-year incumbent, led the pack with 62 percent of the vote. Jennifer Lindsey also advanced with 21 percent. Joshua M. Johnston had 17 percent.

The general election will be a fight over whether Lenexa has spent money wisely on the City Center, a city project that has been under development with lackluster results for more than two decades.

Merriam, Ward 2

Julianne Clark and Jim Wymer will advance with 45 percent and 28 percent of the vote. Incumbent John A. Crabtree got 27 percent of the vote.

The new Ikea store and other new development in Merriam will be in discussion for the winners in the general election campaign.

Overland Park, Ward 5

John Thompson with 51 percent of the votes and Ron Williams with 40 percent finished far ahead of Carl Waldenmaier, who garnered 8 percent.

Both candidates believe increasing the use of city money for commercial development is the major issue facing Overland Park.

Shawnee, Ward 2

Dentist Mike Kemmling won with 48 percent of the vote. Alan Willoughby, who was appointed to the council seat last summer, also will advance with 34 percent. Jill Y. Reed and Trishelle Miller got 13 percent and 5 percent.

Willoughby, the mayor’s uncle, wants to work on making the city a better place to live. Kemmling is running because he is concerned that the city is taxing citizens irresponsibly and passing frivolous ordinances.