Can your snowman top this one?

They call him Snow Bob.

And he towers over a neighborhood in Pleasant Hill, Mo., standing about 8 feet high (at least), with a black hat, blue button mouth and red eyes and nose. He sports a red scarf and has long lanky legs (so high that young kids can walk through them). None of that round bottom, that most other men his type have, for Bob.

“I couldn’t get a snowball going, so I had to pack the snow with a trash can,” says Jeremy Newman, one of Bob’s creators. “That’s the reason I made him like that.”

Well, it works. As far as snowmen goes, he’s a beauty. So tall that Jeremy, 6-foot-3 himself, had to stand on his tippy toes just to pack Bob’s head on.

As the metro came yet again to a crawl Tuesday, with families across parts of Missouri and Kansas snowed in for the third day in a week, some took yet another opportunity for fun.

The Newman family got out early. Wyatt, 6, and Camryn, 3, were home from school and day care and mom Chrissy got a snow day from Whiteman Air Force base, where she works.

Dad Jeremy also got a snow day from his job at the U.S. Department of Labor. Last week, he had to work from home while others had a free day or two, so he didn’t want to waste a minute of an actual snow day Tuesday.

“Every foot in our yard is covered with footprints or tunnels, snow runs or snowmen,” Jeremy said early Tuesday afternoon.

Of course, in between the trompsing and creating, they worried a bit about possible power outages, knowing that many households were already feeling the chill from no furnace. But the Newmans knew to be prepared.

They had the fireplace going and already it was 73 degrees inside.

“The lights flickered a little, but we’re lucky so far,” he said. “We’re keeping it warm now in case it does go off.”

By early afternoon, they had all the snow gear — which seemingly takes an hour just to get on — in the dryer. Got to get it ready for later.

“I’ve got the kids doing some house chores now,” Newman said, “but I’m sure we’ll go back out.”

Where Bob’s towering over the neighborhood.

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